Modern War Helmet – German Pikelhaube

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Brand: Vintage World
Product Name: Modern War Helmet – German Pikelhaube (Spikehelmet)
Model #: MH110
Pack Contents: Pickelhaube Point Top Helmet
Colour: Leather Outer
Materials: Combination Of various metals, 18 & 20 Heavy Gauge Sheet steel, Solid Wooden Stand, Leather Chin Strap, Inner Padding For Comfort
Key Attributes: Lace chin strap, leather outer body, leather inner head cap for comfort, light weight
Uses: Decor, Gift, Shelf Item, Costume, Reenactments
Product Length: 265mm
Product Width: 210mm
Product Height: 290mm
Stand & Product Height (Base – Top): 600mm
Product Inside Diameter: 200mm
Product Weight: 778g
Stand Diameter: 215mm
Case Height: 450mm
Case Weight: 1041g
Shipped From: Melbourne
Shipping Provider: Australia Post & All Major Courier services
Additional Delivery Information: Estimate Delivery 2 – 5 Business Days
Returns: Easy Return & Exchange
Insurance: Recommended At Extra Cost, Please Ask For Details
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Disclaimer:All of our items are handmade (HANDCRAFTED) by master artisans who employ techniques (TOOLS) and traditions that are often centuries old. Some natural blemishes or imperfections are to be expected. These are not product flaws. Instead, they are precisely what make these pieces so extraordinary and beautiful.

SKU: MH110

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    Vintage Nautical

  • Pickelhaube, plural Pickelhauben is from the german general word for headgear. Worn by German military, firefighters and police in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Often also recognisable by the Prussian army who had adopted the design in 1842. This piece features a lace chin strap, leather outer body, leather inner head cap for comfort and is light weight.

    “To the victor belong the spoils.” The history of mankind’s evolution from simple but smart, canoe crafting sailor to modern, rocket designing astronaut is littered and fraught with a history of violence, war and survival. It was those who battled hardest and longest and with proven endurance and relative longevity that made it through to fight another day. Survival generally doesn’t happen without one’s head and this is why helmets and other protective headwear has been popular since we first learned to manipulate steel and iron.

    From heroic Spartan, Leonidas to vengeful gladiator, Maximus, from Caesar’s Imperial Roman Guards to Arthur’s Knights of Camelot, Vintage World has a range of war helmets that spans 2500 years, beginning in Ancient Greece and coming right up to the Germany that took the whole world to war twice in the 20th century. The collection is unsurpassed in Australian retail and wholesale industries for both quality and variety. Finely hand-crafted, even the minutest of details has not been overlooked when recreating these hugely popular, attention-grabbing, quality pieces.

    Every man has a little prehistoric machismo that evolution hasn’t been able to knock entirely out of the gene pool yet, and this is why one can be 100% that a Vintage World, antique-style, ‘Medieval’ Helmet will always be a welcome and unique gift for any and every man alive today.
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    Product Title: Modern War Helmet – German Pikelhaube
    Item SKU: MH110
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