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November 4, 2016
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Whenever I have visited Facebook groups, I have seen people asking for Indian things, and there are sellers who are trying to market their business on various Facebook groups. Some times group admins allow their posts to go in the group and some times posts are not allowed. Some groups allow just one business plugin or only on Sundays you can post in few groups.

So this platform is going to be win-win situation for everyone. Indian community in Australia will have one place where they will be able to find the Indian goods and secondly, the small business that are struggling to find customers, will find customers.

Another benefit to small retailers is, they don’t need upfront huge cost to develop their websites or e-com stores and then to market their stores on line.

This platform will not be marketed to only Indian People but the whole idea is to connect the Indian community with the wider communities.

We are trying to give people a secured place to showcase their products & will have strong measures to make sure that all the traders are from Australia only. We have few policies in place already; these all will be revealed this Diwali.